Automotive Direct Mail That Works
Hill Marketing Group, powered by US Capital, excels in direct mail marketing for auto dealers. We understand dealerships are looking for a company with a solid track record (we have over 12 years of providing dealers with successful events). We also know you want a company who understand the car business (our owners and management team all came directly out of the dealership sales world with over 100 years of experience combined). And we know if we do a good job then you will stay with us for many successful events to come (that is why we operate our own in-house BDC, manned by car sales professionals that will turn your leads into solid confirmed appointments).
Our programs are designed to produce measureable results immediately.
  1. Gets Opened
    Quality material with an actual credit card enclosed which gets the piece opened.
  2. Printing
    We use quality material so our offer is not cheapened by the delivery mechanism.
  3. Data
    We access real credit scores & information on the individual lead from the credit bureaus.
  4. In-House BDC
    Seasoned car sales professional convert leads into firm appointments and provide constant updates. We work hand-in-hand with you!
  5. Technology
    IVR, PURL, LMT, our technology maximizes your marketing event.
  6. Training
    We will train your sales team on how to best maximize these opportunities for the best ROI!
Acquisition Email Campaigns
Blanket your prime market area by targeting 100k-300k new prospects with deployments of up to 600k emails for pennies!.
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Automotive Direct Mail That Works
  1. Hand Written Refi
    Hand Written Refi
  2. Auto One Plus
    Auto One Plus
  3. Equity USC Card
    Equity USC Card
  4. Auto One Snap Pack
    Auto One Snap Pack
  5. USC Master Card
    USC Master Card
  6. Hand Written Buy Back
    Hand Written Buy Back
Our programs are designed to produce measureable results immediately. p. 888.317.6808
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