Automotive Direct Mail That Works

  1. Gets delivered, opened and read – You can feel the 30mm PVC card through the envelope. It’s the same size, weight, and thickness of an ATM card or a credit card. All cards are custom embossed with your Dealership Name and your Prospect’s name, this makes the letter irresistible to open, and is attached to a quality printed offer.
    Gets Read
  2. We have a working relationships with the major credit bureaus to access real credit scores & information on the individual lead. Our partners (the credit bureaus) proven analytics will help us pin point the in-the-market prospects, in your PMA, to make our offer to.
  3. 24/7 call center to handle every incoming call day or night that ensures no leads are lost and appointments get set. Our secondary in-house BDC is staffed with seasoned car sales professionals who know how to convert leads into firm appointments, they will; email your team hot leads as they are made, make up to 5 calls on every lead, work hand-in-hand with your management team, follow-up with all prospects 30 days after the event to make sure nothing was missed, and call your sales team to discuss leads that may need extra care.
    In-House BDC
  4. IVR -Interactive Voice Recognition- guarantees we capture every lead and call back phone number, PURL-Personalized URL- another dimension to maximize lead capture, LMT-Lead Management Tool- allows real time access to all leads. Our advanced technology will maximize your marketing event. You will be able to; listen to all recorded calls, see lead details with appointment information, see location of lead on Google Maps, and see detailed notes of our BDC’s interaction with your prospect.
  5. As ex-car professionals with many years of experience on both sides of the fence, we understand what we do is only half the job. We will train your dealership sales team on how to best maximize these opportunities for the best ROI.
Our programs are designed to produce measureable results immediately. p. 888.317.6808
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