Email Marketing

Email development by experts, to engage consumers and drive traffic to your showroom with proven strategies that work.
  • Engagin Custom Design
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Responsive Design

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Direct Mail

Hill Marketing Group, powered by US Capital, excels in direct mail marketing for auto dealers. We understand dealerships are looking for a company with a solid track record (we have over 12 years of providing dealers with successful events). We also know you want a company who understand the car business (our owners and management team all came directly out of the dealership sales world with over 100 years of experience combined). And we know if we do a good job then you will stay with us for many successful events to come (that is why we operate our own in-house BDC, manned by car sales professionals that will turn your leads into solid confirmed appointments).  
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Our programs are designed to produce measureable results immediately. p. 888.317.6808
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